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AMG Client Profiles

All of AMG’s clients have non-profit 501(c)6 organizations serving the healthcare information technology industry. Highlights of AMG clients are provided below.

Organization Focus National or International Scope Annual Dues Paid by Each Member Years Managed by AMG
Advocating the use of standards in the healthcare supply chain and by group purchasing organizations and the Department of Defense Primarily in USA $36,000 7 years
Developing ANSI approved standards for I.T. interoperability and producing educational programs to serve members around the world Global with members in over 50 countries $775 - $35,000 Over 20 years
Serving CIOs and providing for their professional development needs Primarily in USA $375 Over 20 years
Foundation supporting programs for CIOs and for improving the effective use of I.T. in healthcare Primarily in USA $10,000 - $75,000 Over 20 years
Launched and managed a user group for one of the largest information technology companies in the world Global $75-$10,000 8 years

About Us

AMG is a full-service association management firm formed in 1994 by the two principals, Richard Correll and Mark McDougall, each of whom has extensive experience in healthcare information systems and association management. The benefits for clients: security, stability and the knowledge necessary for growth and development.

AMG operates in a total quality management environment with a tight focus on customer service. Our staff truly cares about members’ perceptions of their organization, and we take extra steps to ensure that members and officers know their association cares about them — a characteristic that distinguishes AMG from the field.

The organizations currently managed by AMG have combined annual budgets of nearly $10 million. Annual membership fees range from $300 for personal memberships to $75,000 for corporate memberships.


The AMG office suite has conference rooms, work rooms, a copy room, reception area, publications center, file rooms, offices, and a computer room to house servers and the network hub. Appropriate office, filing and on- and off-site storage is available to adequately meet client needs. In-house postage and copier systems with accounting capabilities are used to assure accurate records.


Ann Arbor, Michigan, centrally located in the Midwest, offers a high-tech, college-linked environment that is extremely conducive to the management of associations. The University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University, in addition to several other major colleges and universities in the area, have facilities available for seminars. Detroit Metropolitan International Airport is within 20 minutes of Ann Arbor.


AMG employs association managers, membership directors, marketing and communications experts, advocacy professionals, technical directors, computer technicians, webmasters, accounting experts and clerical support. AMG is proud to have an experienced staff who have worked on the AMG team for an average of over a decade.