Membership Services

Member Communications

AMG maintains the latest in phone, fax and voicemail services, with each client receiving dedicated support. AMG prides itself in providing personalized phone service — phones are personally answered, directly by each client’s assigned staff. All AMG staff has e-mail, so members can conveniently get answers to questions and solve problems quickly. We maintain a strict standard of 24-hour turn-around time on all inquiries.

AMG also manages more than 100 e-mail listservs/newsgroups, most of which are used daily. These tools are a very effective way for us to communicate with our membership groups, as well as for our many committees to communicate amongst each other.

Dues Collection

All personal and corporate dues are invoiced according to agreed-upon procedures for each client association. AMG is equipped to receive payment through credit cards (Visa/Master Card/Amex) through the website as well as via traditional mail or fax. Acceptance of additional cards can be arranged. AMG has in-house protocols for appropriate handling of accounts receivable.

Recruitment and Retention

We are in business to service the members. After all, if you’re not successful, we’re not successful. For good retention rates, we know that members must be satisfied and recognized. AMG’s sociable, yet professional membership representatives clearly understand these tenets and are adept at providing member satisfaction. We’ll also support your committee’s efforts to develop results-producing membership drives, quickly process prospective-member inquiries and give special attention to new members. Whatever it takes!